Global Teachers


At Annie’s Calvert School, we just do not have the empty seats or bored faces that some teachers experience in more traditionally taught English programs. Students are excited and happy learning English. In fact, I struggle to get my children to stop and just go home on time until the next class meeting!


Students not only learn to write the traditional poem, composition, journal, play or short story, but they must illustrate, paint, photograph, draw and demonstrate what they write using visual media. Children love this approach to their education because they truly get the connection─ the linkage of the idea with the spoken or written word and with the image, photo, icon or illustration.

Ask an AES Teacher: Why?

Many of our teachers have traveled across the globe to give your child an education of the highest quality. While each brings his or her individual culture and spirit into the school, every one of our teachers is united in their commitment to increase your child’s love for education, to celebrate their achievements and to open doors of opportunities for success. Here, our teachers push students to be independent, to set goals confidently and to be active learners. Our teachers encourage students to collaborate with peers and to be caring citizens. Most of all, they encourage students to exceed their own expectations in everything they set out to do.