Dear Parents,

We are thrilled that you made it for the annual Annie's English School Sports Day. From the very outset there was excitement in the air as we greeted all of you and the bright and beautiful children who we teach each day. The Sports Day was, from our point of view, a great success because of you. We watched as you rolled up your pants and ran down the track. We smiled proudly as time and again the teachers and you lovingly carried your children across the finish line or helped them to complete a challenge.

We were all startled as the rope snapped unexpectedly during the Tug of War. We thank God that nobody was seriously injured then and we were able to continue after a brief pause. To those of you who fell in the heat of competition, stood up a little bruised, and carried on to the end, Bravo! To others whose injuries were not so light, we wish you a speedy recovery!

Sunday was a great experience for all of us, but we still have room for improvement and you can be sure that we'll work to make a more perfect event for all our talented students and their enthusiastic and supportive parents next time.

Congratulations! We can't wait to see you again at next year's event!